Easy DIY Carpet powder

Easy DIY Carpet powder!  We have dogs, a toddler and an infant.  I wanted to still vacuum our carpets but without all of the harmful chemicals.  This powder took me less than 5 minutes to make.  And house smells amazing!

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1 Mason Jar (we keep these on hand for multiple things like elderberry syrup, bone broth, carpet powder and for drinking out of.)

10 drops Lemon essential oil (Antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.)

10 drops Lavender essential oil (Helps to repel bugs and soothing smell)

10 drops Purification essential oil (Helps to purify the air)

Baking soda


Drill holes into mason jar lid

Fill mason jar 3/4 of the way full

Add essential oils

Sprinkle on the carpet.

Allow to sit for at least 1 hour.  Vacuum and enjoy a fresh scent without harmful chemicals.

*Note you can change the amount of drops to your scent preferences*



Savory vegan banana muffins – Recipe + pictures


I think banana is my favorite flavor..

It has always been so ever since my youth. Sadly I haven’t found a lot of genuinely good (or healthy) banana flavored things, mostly sweets or gummies. I’m not too keen on sweet foods all the time, and I love making those kind of breakfast muffin things, where you add in veggies or pizza filling, so when I saw this recipe advertised as a ‘breakfast muffin’ I was really happy. The original recipe wasn’t vegan because it had milk in it, but I can’t have dairy so for me it is now vegan by replacing the milk with an oat based cream that pretty much has the same properties as regular dairy cream. You could probably just use any other milk replacement too like almond milk, soy milk or rice milk. I just prefer the oats because it doesn’t really add any flavor.

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If you make it they will come!

This may be the most simplest trick, but I had no idea until I experienced it.  I keep healthy fruit and vegetable snack options in the house.  For my 3 year old if it is out of sight it is out of mind.  While at a friends house last week she had a serving tray of a variety of fruits just sitting out open for the taking.  The kids just ate it up.  Now, my son loves fruit, but when I ask him if he wants any of them he typically says no.  He ate probably 1/2 the fruit platter himself while we were there.

Since then I have had the fruit more readily available/visible for him and it has made all the difference in the world.  Yay! I couldn’t believe something so simple could change things so quickly.

What are some of your simple “kid hacks”?  I would love to implement more ideas like this.

Southwestern chicken soup in instant pot

While working full time and raising a family, easy and simple recipes are a must for us. Half the time I forget to take something out of the freezer so making meals from frozen is also important for us. The instant pot is a fast, easy fix it and forget it magical contraption that allows me to maximize our time.

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Recipe adapted from instantloss.com


1 pkg frozen chicken breasts from Costco (Usually ends up being about 3 breasts)

2 cups Black Beans drained

2 cups Frozen Organic Corn (I use a whole frozen bag, husband and kiddo love corn)

1 large Onion, diced (I use pre diced onion from Publix)

1 pkg mixed diced bell peppers (I use pre diced from Publix)

6 oz Organic Tomato Paste

32 oz Organic Chicken Stock

2 pkgs Taco Seasoning 


1. Place all ingredients in the Instant Pot.

2. Select the MANUAL function and program pot for 15 minutes.

3. Quick pressure release

We serve in a variety of ways with a variety of toppings. Over brown rice & quinoa or over tortilla chips. Topped with cheese, avocado, sour cream, jalapeños.

Thinking about adding green beans or some zucchini next time. Need to sneak in those veggies for my boys.  Will let you know next time I make it.

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Fiber 101

We have been working on getting more fiber in our diet. This post offers a good explanation on why it’s good for you.

The Nutritious Noodle

What is fiber?

Fiber comes from plant foods, like fruits, vegetables, and grains. It is the part of the plant that the body cannot absorb. Unlike carbohydrates, protein, and fats; your body does not digest dietary fiber. It goes through the body whole.

There are two types of dietary fiber:

  1. Soluble Fiber: This type dissolves in water. It turns to gel during digestion, slowing digestion and keeping you full. It comes from food items like oats, nuts, beans, carrots, and barley. It has been shown to lower blood cholesterol and glucose levels.
  2. Insoluble fiber: this type of fiber does not dissolve in water. It relieves constipation by instigating the movement of material through the body. It increases the stool bulk in the body and helps movement, eliminating toxic waste as it goes. This type of fiber comes from foods like whole-wheat flour, beans, and vegetables.

Many high fiber…

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Chocolate Peanut Butter treats

I made these chocolate peanut butter treats and they were delicious! My husband loves peanut butter and my son loves chocolate. Recipe adapted from the one on divascancook.com

I love chocolate but wanted a healthier alternative and these fit the bill. These typically are ingredients that we always have on hand and they’re perfect to make a quick treat.

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½ cup organic coconut oil

½ cup organic peanut butter (I look forward to trying with other nut butters in the future.)

3 Tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

3 tablespoons Agave

1/4 tsp of vanilla extract


In a large skillet set on low melt coconut oil and peanut butter.

Stir in cocoa powder and agave

Remove from heat and add vanilla extract

Pour into silicone mold. (I use mini muffin mold)

Freeze until firm.

Remove silicone mold and store in the fridge. I put them in Pyrex containers. Make sure to keep these refrigerated.

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One place for all your recipes!

Until recently I have struggled with using 10 different apps or websites for storing my recipes. I just found the app AnyList and it is a one stop place for all my recipe needs. As long as you can open the recipe in a web browser you can import the recipe into the app. It Also has a grocery list feature and a menu planner which makes it super helpful for grocery shopping, budgeting and meal planning. This app paired with my Shipt app makes groceries a cinch for me and my family.  Try using Shipt free for 2 weeks and get $10 in groceries. 

This is what it looks like in your Apple App Store

Instant Pot Beef stew

I have found a new love for the instant pot this past month. I was actually given one for Christmas but did not open it till this month. I was so intimidated by it. I finally decided to just pick some recipes that had videos and that got me started.  We had dinner at home the past 3 weeks every night but 1 and for us that is a huge milestone.

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The Beef stew recipe was adapted from Brittanys recipe at instantloss.com  (I have sort of become a secret groupie of hers). I did not have vegetable broth, nor was I going to have time to make it as I got home after 6pm. So…I used this chicken broth instead. I know, I know. Joe said “Babe really, chicken broth with beef stew?” But hey, it’s what we had. It was still incredible. Super hearty.  Next time I make it we will do it with sweet potatoes. (And vegetable broth lol).

I added more garlic and we diced the carrots, onions and celery. (Only way to get my boys to eat it as it’s almost hidden.)

My sous chef img_6556

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