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Instant Pot Beef stew

I have found a new love for the instant pot this past month. I was actually given one for Christmas but did not open it till this month. I was so intimidated by it. I finally decided to just pick some recipes that had videos and that got me started.  We had dinner at home the past 3 weeks every night but 1 and for us that is a huge milestone.

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The Beef stew recipe was adapted from Brittanys recipe at  (I have sort of become a secret groupie of hers). I did not have vegetable broth, nor was I going to have time to make it as I got home after 6pm. So…I used this chicken broth instead. I know, I know. Joe said “Babe really, chicken broth with beef stew?” But hey, it’s what we had. It was still incredible. Super hearty.  Next time I make it we will do it with sweet potatoes. (And vegetable broth lol).

I added more garlic and we diced the carrots, onions and celery. (Only way to get my boys to eat it as it’s almost hidden.)

My sous chef img_6556

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