Hello!  I have never done this before, but we are experiencing all kinds of firsts and I figured it may help someone.  We are working on minimalism, eating better, being better parents, being better…people.  We are not following any one particular thing.  Just working with what works for us.  We are human, we are not perfect and have tons of room to grow in all areas of our life.  Included in this blog I hope to share my findings from other sources as well, such as eating better, time savers, and natural living.  I don’t want to be “THE” source, I want to offer you “RESOURCES”.  I am looking to lose weight but I don’t have a weight loss goal.  I have lost over 80 pounds before the birth of our son Patrick (which is why we were able to conceive) who is now 3.  After Patrick we breastfed for 2 years.  Breastfeeding is supposed to help you lose all all this weight from what “they” say.  Well, I never did.  I am 8 weeks postpartum with our 2nd child Evelyn and I am 240 lbs.  Down 14 lbs from right before I gave birth, and lets face it…that was all baby.  I am excited to go on this journey of life with ya’ll.

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